Women in Film/TV- (US) Inc. is a nonprofit organization of professionals founded to provide Organizations of Women in Film & Television mutual support. To promote the positive images of women in all media, empowering their members to achieve their highest professional/creative potential, and help create more job opportunities throughout the United States. We help provide the Organization’s leadership by encouraging each other, solve common problems and to share resources to strengthen the individual organizations and better serve the members. 

  • WIFT – US seeks to fulfil the need of better communication and cooperation amongst our leaders with monthly phone calls, email support, and semiannual meetings. We have come together to help connect the leadership and its members with the resources to advance their careers. As well as promote the mission of the Women in Film & Television
  • WIFT – US seeks to provide a common calendar and a shared member directory to further networking and create professional opportunity. 

1. We create a support network and educational forum linking women in the film and television industry. 

2. We actively pursue equitable treatment and opportunities for women in film and television.

3. We promote and enhance the recognition and increase the influence of women in film and television.