Already Established WIF/T Organizations:

We are proud to join all the WIFT- US Organizations together in one place!

Our goal is to bring support in the form of training, peer to peer learning and empowering our next leaders!

The benefits of Your Organization Joining WIFT-US:

  1. President’s monthly conferences
  2. Ongoing support and training for your executive board.
  3. Yearly (bi-yearly) President’s Regional Meetings
  4. Shared resources (Bi-Laws, SOPS, how to docs etc)
  5. National Support to help make your Organization the Best it can Be!!

Your Organization’s Members Benefits:

  1. National Crew List- Free to your active members
  2. National Event Calendar
  3. National Newsletter
  4. Job Leads- coming soon!
  5. Member Discounts!- Coming Soon!
  6. And much more!!

Want to Start a New WIFT Organization?

New Organization Information:

To form a new WIFT-US Organization, 

1) Send a letter of intent to

Current Regulations:

*Organization must be no closer than a 75-mile radius to each other (or must get permission from already established Organization)

*Organization cannot discriminate on gender, race or religion.

* Executive Board must be Women (President and VP), General Board members can be any gender.

* Must maintain the same goals and mission as WIFT US Organization of empowering Women and Men through Continued education and networking.

 We have Two types of Organization in the United States:

1) Regional Organization– Organization that were started based around major cities. (Dallas, LA, Houston, Palm Springs etc)

2) State Organization Organization who expanded with Branches. State Organization main goal is to gain state funding. These Organization maintain the control over the Women  in Film and Television Brand throughout the state, if they do not have a branch near you, you can request to open up a branch under the state Organization. (ie: Georgia, Florida, Louisiana etc)


SECTION 2: Application Process

1) Individuals requesting to create a Organization must email a letter of intent to membership-

2) WIFT US Board will figure out what your options are, and make sure there is not a Organization in your region. 

3If you get approved for a new Organization Payment of the annual membership fee of $50.00.

4) Once your fee is paid, we will schedule you for a training session to help you get started! This training session is included in your annual dues, It will help you learn how to build a board, steps you need to get your Organization started etc!! Everything to become successful!

5) Must incorporate in their state an become an approved 501c3 nonprofit organization with the IRS.  (This takes time, but we will guide you)