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New Mexico, USA 87043

ätɘr+flix is the loan out company for TS Botkin and her film and television production services company which coordinates aspects of production from concept to completion. Titles under ätɘr+flix and/or TS Botkin include feature documentaries Legacy of the Fighting Filipinos (2021), Mary Janes: The Women of Weed (2018), docuseries pilot Her Turf (2019), and 10 episodes of the syndicated television talk show Experience Pros (2015-2016). She has also produced and written for numerous independent and short projects in the US and abroad. As a company, she provides the production services necessary to source, contract and manage talent behind the screen from development to post production. Additionally, ätɘr+flix provides consulting serivces on the structure of film enterprises and business formation.

Contact Information
Phone: 720-335-4052